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More than 30% of those affected by gender dysphoria since the mid-2000s are male.
Since 2011, the UK has seen a ~1600% increase in boys with with gender dysphoria.
United Kingdom
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Detransitioner Survey
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United Kingdom
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Referrals to UK GIDS were evaluated for ages 12–18+. 

1,646% increase in males from 2011–2022

30.1% male from 2011–2022

(Source: GIDS)

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Referrals to the Doctor Peset University Hospital Gender Identity Unit were evaluated. 

1,233% increase in males from 2013–2021

33.7% male from 2015–2021

(Data extrapolated from graphs [Expósito-Campos, et al., 2023])

sweden bar graph.png

Retrospective study done by the Department of Sociology at the University of Stockholm.

467% increase in males from 2013–2019

32.5% male from 2013–2020

(Data extrapolated from graphs [Kolk, et al., 2023])

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